Monday, July 1, 2013

How I landed an online job

Before I landed an online job, I would say that my job hunting experience was a tough one. I job hunt for less than three months. There are a lot of people – various ages and nationalities having qualified skills that seek for a job, meaning I have a lot of competitors for a single job application.

But I wasn’t enfeebled. I soldier on with my job hunt until an employer contacted me. That begins my story of being a WAHM.

I will specifically address this post to certain BC Bloggers, such as Abbey, Van, Ella (Ella, I was not able to email you, I decided to write this post instead), Meikah and Aileen, who expressed interest for online job. Hey ladies, your comments compel me to write my experience and I will not fail you, I will show you the way as Meikah had remarked, ha-ha.

Aside from the ladies I mentioned I hope this post can be of help to others who are seeking online jobs.

Here it goes.
1. Write your resume; proof read it for correct spelling, grammar, no missing words, and no typing mistake; and attach your recent photo. 
2. Start your job hunt. Here are the 5 job boards/sites  that I member in and subscribed for daily job alerts.
You can search for more job boards online if you want to. 
3. Some tips
a. Apply as many jobs as you could. Applying for a single job and wait for the employer to contact you is unfeasible. Remember you have a lot of competitors!  When I hopped into various job boards and monitor job alerts in my email, I applied to all positions that I think I am qualified. 
b. Decide if you go part time or full time. Identify your priorities and limitations. For now, I will work part time, I am not ready to hire house help, and anyway I have survived 16 years of personally taking care of my two kids and hubby. Hays, even its tough ha-ha.  
c. Do not be afraid for the job interviews, even its a Skype interview. When you are scheduled for one, nail it!
  • Stare into the camera; make eye contact to your future employer. Sit not too close to the camera, sit-up straight.
  • Even if you are in your home be presentable, be dressed just   like you are going to have a real interview. 
  • Do your interview in a quiet and not cluttered place in your home. Remove anything that can distract you.
  • Don’t forget to smile. 
  • Answer the questions smartly and be yourself.
  • Fix technical difficulties that may arise – camera, audio, etc.
d. Persevere. If you failed with your first, second, and so forth job applications as well as job interviews. Then, try again. There’s no harm in trying. 
Ladies, start your job hunt now!