Monday, July 22, 2013

Morning routine, typical day…

Even I am a full time mom I always ensure to have a smooth morning routine to have a productive day.

Here’s my morning routine:

Wake up at 4:45AM every day.
a. drink one full glass of water after waking up – did you know that drinking water in early morning and with empty stomach cleanse our colon, boosts the production of new blood and muscle cells and facilitates weight loss? I have been doing this for years and I feel good every day. 
b. prepare breakfast and prepare my school girl’s pack lunch/my lunch too! 
c. do my daily exercise – walking around the neighborhood for at least 30 minutes and now I include skipping rope, 50 to 100 repetitions.  By the time I’ve returned home, my kids and hubby are already wide awake.
To make sure that I get up that early is to never sleep late or sleep while the TV is on.  Speaking of TV, as much as I really wanted to watch Ch7’s My Husband’s Lover because I really like its plot, but I cannot do it because  have to stick to my schedule to be productive for the following day.

Eat breakfast with the whole family by 6:15AM – I don’t skip breakfast or be left behind, eating our meals is my family’s bonding time. You know, that I eat my lunch alone during weekdays and I really despise eating all alone haha!

By 7:00AM, my kids and hubby desert me.  I would start my normal house chores.  If there is plenty of time I open my blog, update my blog, read updates from my FB or read online articles or book.

After lunch I would spend several hours to supervise our business, trouble shoot if there are problems,   do my online job while lazing with our staff/workers and take snacks with them.  By late afternoon, I rush to go home to cook dinner and wait for my youngest to return from school, and then my eldest and the hubby.

It’s my typical day. How about you? What’s your morning routine, typical day?