Friday, November 16, 2012

Turn off your TV

When I was young I am a TV addict. I watched everything in the tube. But when I got married and got kids I watched TV moderately. My kids as they grow, TV watching is regulated.

Like me, I know you already read a lot of articles about the  the damaging effects of excessive TV watching.

However, I digest it into four, here it goes:

1. TV is bad for our heart. When we sit in front of a TV, we are mostly sitting around, we spend hours being deskbound and it is not helping our heart. So, instead of watching TV, go for a walk. Let the children play.

2. TV is associated to bad eating habits. We love to snacked while watching, who doesn’t love that? And what do we eat? Junk food, unhealthy food! Suggestion: limit your daily TV watching time and stocked up on healthy snacks.

3. TV has a negative impact on learning.  The kids exposed to background TV can’t focus in their study and their reading ability diminishes. Better switch off the TV when the children are studying.

4. There are so many other things to do than watch TV! Read a book, take a bike ride around the neighborhood, take a walk in a nearby park or plaza.