Monday, July 15, 2013

Pack Lunch

Do you packed lunch for your kids? I do. I always ensure that my kids eat safe and healthy foods when they are in school that’s why I need to be awake very early in the morning to prepare their pack lunches.
For this school year, my daughter is the one that brings pack lunch to school. My eldest who is now in college, suddenly resented a packed lunch! OMG, what’s wrong with him? Is it embarrassing to bring packed lunch in universities nowadays?

Well, I realize my son is in a different stage of life now - new environment, new classmates and friends. Maybe his friend doesn’t bring packed lunch? Maybe it’s dyahe?

Ha! I should be broadminded. I should understand the developmental stage he is in now.  I cannot impose the things that I like him to do. I cannot force him to bring a packed lunch if he doesn’t want.  I don’t like to be a nagging mommy! It’s different now.  Looks like I need to update my knowledge on approaches in handling teenagers, specifically a 17 year old kid.

Anyways, this pack lunch – Herbed Rice with Lechon Kawali is for my daughter’s lunch today. Oh, I also reserve another serving for my lunch.

The Lechon Kawali is a left over viand from yesterday’s lunch. I boiled a slab of pork liempo in salty water, with cloves of garlic, laurel leaf and peppercorns.  Once it done, I baked it for 25 minutes. I reheat the left over this morning.

For the herbed rice, pour olive oil in a pan, add minced garlic, onions, dried basil and thyme, and stir for a minute. Then add in the cooked rice, season with salt and pepper and stir until the rice is heated through. Pour in oyster sauce and chopped fried egg, stir again. Add chopped green onions, stir a few more times.
And I am done with our lunch.