Friday, November 30, 2012

Staples Meadowlands Palace Auburn Hills

My hubby once said that whenever he has the chance to visit America, he really wanted to visit the Staples Center, Palace of Auburn Hills and New Meadowlands Stadium.

What the heck is that place you might ask?  These are the venues in America which hold live sports, concerts and entertainment events all year round!

Great thing that has tickets for these venues, whenever my hubby has the chance to go to America, he will just click the links below to view available tickets and show schedules.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Win PayPal Cash and

I am a fan of Pinoy; this is one of my fave foodie sites. I’ve used their recipes and shared it with my sisters in law. Also, I always join their giveaways but always unlucky, ha ha ha! As I’m browsing my Facebook this afternoon, I noticed a post from

Yes, another Christmas Giveaways from and This time PayPal Cash of  $50 for 1st Prize, $30 for 2nd Prize and $20 for the 3rd Prize, are up for grab.

Come, let’s join!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Turn off your TV

When I was young I am a TV addict. I watched everything in the tube. But when I got married and got kids I watched TV moderately. My kids as they grow, TV watching is regulated.

Like me, I know you already read a lot of articles about the  the damaging effects of excessive TV watching.

However, I digest it into four, here it goes:

1. TV is bad for our heart. When we sit in front of a TV, we are mostly sitting around, we spend hours being deskbound and it is not helping our heart. So, instead of watching TV, go for a walk. Let the children play.

2. TV is associated to bad eating habits. We love to snacked while watching, who doesn’t love that? And what do we eat? Junk food, unhealthy food! Suggestion: limit your daily TV watching time and stocked up on healthy snacks.

3. TV has a negative impact on learning.  The kids exposed to background TV can’t focus in their study and their reading ability diminishes. Better switch off the TV when the children are studying.

4. There are so many other things to do than watch TV! Read a book, take a bike ride around the neighborhood, take a walk in a nearby park or plaza.

Friday, November 9, 2012

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Treating my son’s fatty liver

When my eldest was 9 years old, which was in 2006, he was diagnosed with a fatty liver. If I could still remember my child’s pediatrician  explained,  that fatty liver is a buildup of fat within the liver, the fat causes swelling and scarring; the swelling and scarring can avert the liver to do its functions  such as –clean  the bloodstream of harmful substances and poisons, make bile which contains chemicals to help us digest the food we eat, control blood sugar and cholesterol levels,   and makes the proteins that allow blood to clot normal, also the swelling and scarring will lead to liver failure. 

I was so frightened and cried for my son’s health.
The pediatrician further explained that fatty liver is tied to obesity. My son was obese when he was in grade school. If I still can recall the symptoms that lead us to visit my child’s pediatrician, was that he constantly complains abdominal pain and get exhausted instantly.

My eldest undergo ultrasound to confirm the pediatrician’s suspicion of fatty liver. The ultrasound indeed verified the disease; it showed fats as well as how much fat has built up in his liver. The saddest part is when my child’s pediatrician told us that there is no medication for my son’s disease.  I weep loudly. And she advice us that to control the disease from worsening we have to manage my son’s weight, eat healthy foods and undergo regular exercise.

I take good care of my son. I want him to be healthy. It was two years of diligence and patience for the whole family. but at the end was rewarded.  Before his elementary graduation, back in 2008, he took on another session of ultrasound procedure and this time his pediatrician said he is cured. I was so happy hearing the pediatrician’s words. It was the sweetest words that I heard. 

So how I and hubby take good care of my son?  
  1. Change the family’s lifestyle – eat healthy foods, increase fruit and vegetables intake and exercise daily with our kids – walking, jogging around the neighborhood.  Changing lifestyle is really tough but we must do it for our son. The change in lifestyle will help my son to lose weight and all together would also lose fat in his liver.
  2. Shun from ALL processed foods.
  3. Pass up for junk foods.
  4. Never serve our son of fried foods.
  5. Avoid intake of fatty foods especially foods having triglycerides such as butter, margarines, mayonnaise, most COMMERCIAL snack foods such as pastries, cakes, doughnut, pies and crackers, jams, jellies, ice cream,  sweetened cereals, sweetened gelatin, fruit juices, sodas, smoothies and sweetened coffee drinks.
  6. Every summer we enrolled our son for swimming lessons.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sem-break: 10 days off

Since my kids got a semestral break (sem-break) at school and enjoying it, I also got a sem-break and enjoyed it too!

My sem-break was a ten days time off from waking up  before 5AM, fixing early morning breakfast, fixing baons, tutoring  my grade school kid, checking my high school kid  lessons, ensuring their needs  like school projects and other activities.

In the past 8 days I snooze longer, no school homework and projects in mind, no worries of baon to pack, nix anxieties if my kids came up late from school…awesome!

What I did in the past 8 days?

  1. Did the usual household chores – sweeping, dusting and cleaning the house, laundrying, marketing and cooking our daily meals.
  2. Changed house curtains, re-arrange furniture, sorted out and discarded clothing that are disliked, sorted out and discarded kitchen wares and other stuff that are tattered. 
  3. Surfed for new recipes that I think my family will like and updated my menu.
  4. Did manicure-pedicure in a neighborhood beauty parlor.
  5. Watched Skyfall and dine out with my hubby.
  6. Did malling with my kids – shop for their stuffs and purchase grocery needs.
  7. And surprisingly wrote 3 consecutive posts for my blog, a feat hahaha!
On the first day of xmas your true love gave you a schadenfreude