Monday, March 4, 2013

Legs up the wall

How do you deal your stress?
Eat a lot?
Or let it pass?

In my case, I know if I am stressed – my head aches, unable to sleep, eat less and has a short temper. If one of these signs show up, I know I am having a bad day! The good thing that whenever stress attacks on me, the house members are out – kids in school and hubby at work. I don’t want my kids and hubby sees me stressed because I transform into an evil woman hahaha.

What causes my stress? I really don’t know. Sometimes it happens abruptly, such as things that hassle me or I feel frustrated quickly. I know stress isn’t always bad, it helps me accomplish task under pressure and motivates me to do my best. But I really hate myself when I am stressed!

Being on the lookout of what I feel or how I behave, it helped me to manage my stress. My solution is just to relax. Yes, R E L A X – rest, have a break or chillax!

And what I do to relax is just put my legs up the wall. Whut?
Yes, legs up the wall! Like this.

Legs up the wall is actually a yoga pose. I do this every day.
I just lie; lift my legs off the floor. And stay there for 20 minutes or more. This restorative pose really quiets my mind.
Try it.