Monday, July 8, 2013

How I received my payments?

The next big thing to me when I got an online job is how I will receive my payment.  When I applied for a job I noticed that employers are asking for a PayPal account. So I did open a PayPal account.

Signing up a PayPal Account is so easy. I just fill up this PayPal form.

I noticed a section that I need to verify my account by adding a credit or debit card. I skip this section because I like to have a separate credit or debit card for all my online earnings.  I think I got a separate card two weeks after I got a job. Anyway, even my account was unverified; I can receive my weekly payments.

So the next step I did is to have a credit or debit card. Searching online, opening an EON Cyber Account with UNION BANK is the simple and best route to easily get verified.  And from the articles I read EON has no cash out charges, no minimum maintaining balance and it is an ATM debit card and electronic banking in one meaning I can purchase on line using the card, pay bills online, withdraw cash from any ATM machine and can transfer cash. I was really beguiled by these services!

I applied online.

I just fill up all the sections and after that I received a text and an email stating my Reference Number and that I can pick up my EON Visa Debit Card in the nearest Union Bank branch in my place.  Wow, I was amazed of the rapidity!  I just need to bring 2 valid IDs and P350.00 for the annual fee.

So I went to the bank, showed the text stating my Reference Number,  my 2 IDs + photocopies of each, the P350.00 for annual fee and P200.00 for initial deposit that will be used for PayPal verification process but will be returned.

After 10 or 15 minutes, I was holding my EON Visa Card, ha-ha!

That was so easy and super quick!

When I got home, I enrolled my card online.

And  add my card to my PayPal account.

I just clicked the Get Verified link. And entered the information required:
Last Name
Billing Address
Card Type (select VISA)
Card Expiry
Card Security Code (flip the card and there is 3 number sequence next to the signature strip)
Card Number – the 16 digits number

Upon adding my card, PayPal charged me of  $1.95. It appeared on my bank account statement accompanied by the 4 digit EXPUSE number. I waited for 2 days before the EXPUSE number appeared on my bank account statement.

After 2 days I see my EXPUSE number. I log-in to my PayPal account and click the link – Confirm my debit or credit card. I entered the EXPUSE number and clicked submit. PayPal send a message that I successfully verified my account.

After that I clicked WITHDRAW to transfer money to my bank.  I waited 5 days for the transfer.
It’s already July but my money from my online earnings in less than 2 months, amounting now to P13, 000.00 are still intact.

I’m feeling great to be earning again!