Sunday, January 20, 2013

Perfume Store: Fresh Fragrance Bar

I’m telling you a secret; I am an addict, a perfume addict!

Is it odd? I just love the perfume’s fragrance. By just dabbing a few drops of perfume on my skin, I feel I am the most beautiful and sexiest woman on the whole world, hahaha!  I am wrapped with happiness. That’s how perfume affects me.

I owned more than 20 bottles of perfume – my fragrance collection,  two or three bottles I bought from my own pocket and the rest were acquired from my siblings, relatives and friends…actually I compel them to gift me with perfume! Why I have to do that? Because I can’t afford to buy perfumes, too expensive!  And I don’t want wearing a knock-off or a cheap”smells just like the real thing” brand.

But I think starting today I will not do that forced gifting of perfume; also I will be able to buy perfumes in reasonable price, because there is now a Perfume Store for Perfume Addicts! Odd?  No, it’s true. This is what FReSH Fragrance Bar addresses as it opens stores around the country. It offers reasonable prices compared to department stores.

Look at these beauties that I am eyeing to buy:

See, a real deal!
Now, I can afford to buy all these perfumes.
Surely, these will include to my fragrance collection!

FReSH currently have five retail stores in:

  1. Eastwood Mall
  2. Alabang Town Center
  3. Lucky Chinatown Mall
  4. Marquee Mall-Pampanga
  5. Abreeza Mall-Davao 

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This is my entry to Nuffnang’s contest.