Saturday, April 13, 2013

Missed event

Weee, I was one of the bloggers that won at the McCormick Grilling Nation Blog Contest, Take your grilling flavor to the next level, see my name?

I am so ecstatic!
It was my first win after joining numerous, numerous contests and giveaways ha, ha!  I won a free pass for a family of 4. I wanted to be present at the event and enjoy my winning so I asked my hubby and kids to go with me.
When they agreed, oh I am very excited. And I am imagining of meeting other bloggers, the McCormick freebies, and the grilling demo and lastly savor the grilled dishes ha, ha!

So, April 7 was a date. It will be my first time to attend a blogger event.  And will be a perfect family bonding.

Unfortunately, something happened. I missed the grilling event.

My mother-in-law’s (MIL) birthday celebration that was supposed to be an April 6 was moved to April 7 because my eldest sister-in-law is available on a Sunday, April 7. Hubby’s sibling’s decided to move the birthday celebration of my MIL.

I missed the event but I am not sad. Family is still the priority, it was a fun filled 76th birthday celebration of my MIL.  It was another cherished bonding moments with in-laws.