Monday, April 8, 2013

How I map my domain name to work with Blogger

I’ve ached for an own domain, one of the things that hinders my decision to have one,  is that I don’t know how to configure it to my blog.  You may think it is effortless huh, but it’s complicated to me. Yes, I read a lot of articles regarding how to have an own domain, kind of preparing myself,  but then again I have doubts because I am non-techie; I might wreck my blog, ha ha!

Last Holy Week I finally decided to have my own domain, I guess it was the right time, right time to ruin my blog, ha ha. Seriously, I  think I am confident to apply the theories I have read online. So, I searched for registrars that offer cheap domain. Here’s what I found.

Actually, it’s not really $1.99, when I checked out, I was surprised that I need to shell out a $2.13, of course there are hidden charges. Anyway, it is still the cheapest from what I have searched.

So how I started?

I typed in my domain name, I’m glad it was available.

Next to do is to edit the CNAME (short for canonical name) Record of my domain name with my Blogger account.
1. From the Tools Menu, select DNS (Domain Name System) Manager.
2. Click Edit Zone.
3. In the CNAME (Alias) section, click the www record and in the Points To field, type 4. Click SAVE.
After this, I tried to configure my Blogger account to use my domain name.
But it said it needs to be verified by Google.
Whut? I searched again how to do it.

So, I verified my domain name manually by adding a DNS TXT.
1. Log-in to my registrar (Hosting Dude).
2. In the TXT section, in the Host field type in @ and in the TXT Value field, type google-site-verification=S1_...(sorry, I forgot the full text)
3. Click SAVE.
Here's how it looked like.

Then, back to my Blogger account.
1. From the Settings tab, select Basic.
2. From Publishing, click Add custom domain.3. Click Switch to Advanced Settings, and then I typde in my domain name.
4. Click SAVE.
Now my domain was verified by Google, mapping my domain was done successfully! Weee...

Here’s another thing that I did, I wanted to change my blog’s email.
I sign-in to my old blog email address.
1. Go to Permissions, under Settings.
2. Click the Add Authors button and send in an invitation to my new blog email address.  
3. Open my new blog email in a different browser, accept the invitation.

4. Open my blog using the new email address.
5. Now that my new email account joined the blog, click the drop down menu and choose Admin, and click Remove my old blog address.

6. I open my blog with my new blog email, and it worked!

7. I did not delete my old blog account; Google said that I should leave it active because photos I uploaded will break.

I also changed the comment notification of my blog.
Click Settings, under Mobile and Email, I just typed in my new blog email.

That’s it!
And I am so happy I made it.