Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Failed transaction

My hubby’s Toshiba laptop has been idle for several months now because of blip keyboard.  A couple of weeks ago, he decided to find a keyboard replacement – he searched it online and phoned several computer stores, but unfortunately  he had difficulty of finding a keyboard replacement, looks like it is unavailable in the market.

He decided to look at Sulit.com; he was joyous sharing the news that he luckily found one. He called up, talked – checked the specs of his keyboard, the seller agreed that they have the specs that it is brand new, agreed to the price – P1, 800, and arranged for a meet up.

The meet up was that night, 8PM in a mall near our place.

Since we’re just the two of us, we decided to dine at the mall. We were at the mall at around 7PM, hurriedly eat our dinner and afterwards waited for the keyboard seller to arrive.

That was a failed transaction.

Here’s why.

The moment the seller hand to us the keyboard we quickly reacted why was the merchandise not in the box. Imagine seeing the item wrapped on a plastic bag? But the seller insisted it was brand new.

Then my hubby flipped to examine the keyboard more, it has no seals or stickers and lots of chinks. We pointed out that a brand new has seals, stickers and without crevice.  The seller still insisted that his merchandise was brand new.  My hubby was so pissed off. I am annoyed.

But still the seller wanted to test the keyboard for us to see that is was functional. We approved and test his merchandise.

Unfortunately, other keys did not function.
With no more further discussion, my hubby declared that he will not buy the keyboard. He unscrewed the merchandise from his laptop, swiftly bagged the laptop and motioned me that we leave. My husband was so pissed off to the dishonest seller.