Friday, February 8, 2013

How do you cook your eggs?

In my home, Mondays to Fridays of 5AM to 6AM is rush hour. We are in a hurry – my kids hurry to go to school, husband to go to work – and me hasten to prepare breakfast and packed lunch for them! So, I need to prepare foods that are easy and healthful.

Speaking of breakfast, eggs are always my choice in making quick and nutritive breakfast. Also eggs are easy to cook, cheap and great source of protein.

 I know what in your mind? Because eggs are easy to cook, it means that I am making sunny side up or scram-bled eggs every day. Nope! And if I do that my choosy kids will be mad at me ha ha ha! Aside from sunny side up and scrambled eggs, I served my family with egg salad sandwich, omelettes,  deviled eggs, egg fried rice, soft egg on toast…oh,  I could list a lot more.  By searching online, I was aided to learn different egg recipes that I cooked for my family.

How about you, how do you cook your eggs?