Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How I change my blog's header

Have you noticed my new header?
Does my blog looked presentable now?
I hope your answer is YES, hahaha!

Well,  after almost two weeks of hard work – of learning how to use photo shop, of reading a lot of articles on this subject,  of inexorable  tweaking of my blog, and after I exhausted all my limited knowledge, I got a nice header and a presentable blog. I am contented with my masterpiece.
It’s a success, hahaha!

There are still some aspects that I like to change or to tweak in the header and of the whole layout, but I better put off the idea. For now, I am satisfied of what I have created.

I like to share to none-techie moms like me, the process I went through as well as to document my blogging milestone. Milestone…great word and apt word for me.

How I change my blog's header.

I first Googled for an image. I was confused of what image to choose because there are really a lot of nice and cute images. I prefer for a simple one, so I downloaded this one. And cropped a bit using Microsoft Picture Manager.  Whoever owns this image, many thanks to you.

For the banner, I used Adobe Photoshop, click FILE and decide the size. I settled for an 1150 width and a 200 height. Seeing the result looks like I should have reduced the height to 170 or 180.

Then I created Layer 1, click the T (horizontal type tool), and write down my blog’s title, tweak a bit  the Aspire font, 83 in size and brown color. To center, or place on the right or left side, press the END tab.

Next is to place the image, I click FILE,  click PLACE, click the image and it appeared on my Photoshop workspace, and press END tab to place the image - center, right side or left side.

And I SAVED my work to JPG.

Then I open my blog, click LAYOUT, click HEADER and UPLOAD my new header and SAVE.

To change my blog’s background to go with my new header, hit TEMPLATE DESIGNER.

Then click ADVANCE to change the font’s size and color, tabs and links color and so on.
And view my blog!

Whew, that was an extremely difficult one, almost two weeks work hahaha!
Nevertheless, I am happy of the outcome and for the new learning experience.