Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Start the Year Right with Sulit.com.ph

I and my hubby had discussed our financial status this year because we anticipate the following situations:
  1. eldest will be entering college
  2. youngest will be Grade 6
  3. prices of commodities and services progressively go up across the board 
We don’t have education plan for my kids, so the biggest chunk of our problem is my son’s entering into college starting this coming semester.  And if my son really decide to go to UP, we will go flat broke because I’ve heard that the tuition fee at UP is P1, 000 to P1, 500 per unit! Oh my god, quite expensive!

Clearly, it just means we need additional income, UP or not UP, to support the needs of our incoming college student and to augment to our basic needs. It’s a lucky thing that we already have our own house, at the moment  we are capable to sustain our primarily expenses  that went to food, clothing, utilities and tuition fees, books and miscellaneous expenses for the education of my two kids.

So, to start the year right and to cope up the increasing needs here are our plans:

  1. I will be looking for home-based jobs. I think there are a lot of online opportunities out there. Maybe my BC Bloggers family can help me find one (wink).
  2. And we will be venturing into business.

The first idea that popped up in our mind is the Election 2013, we view it as an income opportunity and we would like to maximize this period by putting up a Tarpaulin Printing Shop. Our terrace can temporarily be turn into a printing shop.  And we searched at Sulit.com.ph  for our needs to set up the shop.

We need a  tarpaulin printer.
http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/6799562/TARPAULIN+PRINTER+IN+THE+PHILIPIINES referralKeywords=tarpaulin+printer&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-14,14
A desk top.

Tarpaulin rolls
Heavy duty scissors.
And tarpaulin eyelets.

We also like to venture to Remittance and Bills Payment Business. We also saw this at Sulit.com. The context of this idea is with the continuing dispatch of OFWs, we think remittance business will have a future. And we have a lot of OFW neighbors; maybe we can strategize marketing plan for this project.


Another one is to undertake food franchising.  We are just so lucky, we saw a lot of different food franchising ads at Sulit.com that provides us a lot of idea. Our house is nearby a public market as well as a public elementary school and we think this is a good market for the following:

Buko shake.
 Noodle’s foodcart.
 And lastly siopao-siomai
Yay, Sulit.com.ph is a great way to kick off our business ventures this 2013.
Looks like we have listed enough, we need to keep moving to materialize these plans.

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