Sunday, May 26, 2013

Transform yourself with Schick

 Schick. Free Your Skin.

Superman is my all-time super hero. When I was a kid I visualized myself possessing his super powers, during playtime, me and my cousins act out as superheroes, even if I am a girl, I would always play the Superman, The Man of Steel, I dramatized as Superman flying to outer space and defeating plentiful villains, ha ha.

Now that I am grown up, and a mom too, I am still a Superman fan. I still visualize myself possessing his super powers. Oh, I can’t act out as what I had done when I was a kid. Seriously, if I had the power of MAN OF STEEL, for one week I will use up all my power to do the following:
1. Clean and prettify my house
2. Do the laundry
3. Do marketing, cooking and whip up new recipe
4. Generate 365 blog posts (for the whole year!)
5. Get rid of kidnappers, child-molesters, rapists and women-beaters. 
Well, you can also visualize yourself as the MAN OF STEEL by joining Schick’s Superman promo contest and be able to win 2 tickets to watch MAN OF STEEL special screening on June 14 at the Shangri-La Cineplex.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.