Monday, March 18, 2013

Double Celebration

This week will be a busy week for me because on the 22nd of March will be my eldest and youngest graduation rites, high school and grades school respectively, and both will graduate with honors! Isn't it great? And this calls a double celebration! I am so happy and I am an extremely, extremely a proud mommy to my two kids.

I am very excited with this double celebration; it’s been a couple of weeks that I have been preparing for this big event, ha-ha!

I have bought my little girl with a simple dress. I choose a pale purple dress with an accented bow on the waist. I also bought her accessories, a pretty purple hair band and bracelet.

My eldest son said that he just needs a new shirt. So, I bought him a white shirt also a new pair of shoes that he will also use in college by June.

I did not buy a new dress for me. I think my pastel dress that I seldom wear will do for the occasion. Even my hubby declined for buying him for a new shirt or pants. Good thing, we are on the thrift mode ha-ha! You know, saving for my eldest college tuition fees.

I am done preparing the menu for the dinner party after the graduation ceremony, oh it’s just a simple bash composed  of my mom and my siblings, my sisters and brother in-law, nieces, nephews and some close friends. On my menu are again easy to cook dishes such as baked fish (maybe a salmon or a trevally will do or what is available if I do the marketing this coming Thursday); lemon grass stuffed roast chicken with an accompaniment of a simple green salad, I will just throw those two in the oven ha-ha! Of course, kare-kare, a requested viand of my siblings and in-laws, I can tenderize beforehand and keep the meat on the ref; and for dessert – cake and a mango sorbet, because mangoes are cheap right now. What do you think of my menu?

The next to be done are buff the house and put in order the dinner ware set and flatware starting today until Wednesday, buy cake and do the marketing on Thursday and cook the dishes on Friday. Oh my goodness…by just listing these chores I’m feeling exhausted already, ha-ha!

Happy Graduation to K and K!