Friday, December 31, 2010

Minute Maid Pulp up your Blog Contest

This contest is  open to all Filipino citizens and foreigners who are of legal age, at least 18  years old, and are permanent residents of the Philippines.
To join, you will  need to do the following:
1. Like Minute Maid Pulpy on Facebook by  clicking the ‘Like’ button on the Facebook Fan Page.
2. Pulp up your blog by using the “Pulpy  Blog Generator”. Simply follow the instructions to generate a Pulpy blog post  and to download any of the different Minute Maid blog design elements you can  use for your blog, such as:
a. Minute Maid Background
b. Minute Maid banners
i. Leaderboard  - 728x90
ii. Banner  - 468 x 60
iii. Half  banner - 234x60
iv. Button  - 125x125
v. Skyscraper  - 120x600
vi. Wide  Skyscraper - 160x600
vii. Small  Square - 200x200
viii. Square  - 250x250
ix. Medium  Rectangle - 300x250
x. Large  Rectangle - 336x280
c.Minute Maid Badge
d.Minute Maid Widget

3. Apply the Pulpy blog post and Minute  Maid designs on your blog. Once done, go back to our Facebook Fan Page and post  the link of your blog post on our wall to submit your entry.

4. Help us spread the word about Minute  Maid Pulpy’s “Pulp up your blog” contest by Tweeting or sharing your blog and  asking your readers to comment. If you win the contest, you get to choose a  winner from your comment-givers.
7. All entries should be posted and  submitted on the Facebook wall starting January 10, 2011 only. From January 10, 2011, your blog should remain “Pulped up” until the announcement of winners.
Official Contest Page: Minute Maid Pulpy