Monday, December 6, 2010

Life Can’t Wait’s First Ever Giveaway

Here is another giveaway I found and I joined right away.

Life Can’t Wait First Ever Giveaway - it is for celebrating the anniversaries of Ms. Marice’s awesome blogs– Life Can’t Wait and Up Now and What Next.
Why I joined right away? Because Ms. Marice's prizes are very irresistible.
First Prize:
40$ Cash
10,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces on High PR Blogs

Second Prize
20$ Cash
9,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces

Third Prize
10$ Cash
6,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces

And this lovely key necklace as a special prize!
Isn’t irresistible?

Ms. Marice likes to  say many, many  thank you to her sponsors:
Major Sponsors

Minor Sponsors

Want to join?  
Visit the Official Contest Page for the Contest's Mechanics: Life Can’t Wait