Sunday, December 19, 2010

Custom Wine Labels

 I have been seeing many wine drinkers that save their wine bottles to display around their homes. But I never had seen people saving wine labels. Wine labels are as beautiful as the bottle. Here are the ways you can use of your old wine labels.
1.    Make a picture frame of your favorite wine label and hang it to your wall.
2.    Use wine labels as background image for your scrap book page
3.    Make coasters from wine labels. Glue the wine label to the cork board and laminate it.
4.    Make a placemat - a collage of different wine labels is a pretty thing to do. But don’t forget to laminate to protect from the water.
These are just a short list of making personalized wine labels. You can add here your other crafty ideas for wine labels. Want more idea? Visit Custom Wine Labels.