Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 VA Opportunities

So you need a job. Why not become a VA like me?

A  VA is a virtual assistant, a self-employed, works from home personal assistant that provides administrative, technical, or creative support to diverse clients.  I love my job as a VA. I have a flexible time, 3-4 hour work fits my time very well and compensated satisfactorily. Did you know that becoming a VA is the hottest work at home trend nowadays?

So, what are the opportunities waiting for you as a virtual assistant? Oh, a lot of varied tasks, please check these list, I know you knew and already doing some of these easy tasks:

Easy, right?
Actually, it’s just a short list,  these are the VA opportunities I saw on my e-mails, I know there’s a lot more.
Don’t know how to start? Read these:
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Photo images: Google