Friday, June 14, 2013

Won Tickets for Man of Steel

Yay, I won 2 tickets for the special movie screening of Man of Steel sponsored by Schick and NuffnangPH! Oh, I am so keyed up to watch another Superman movie, that’s tonight - 10PM at Shang Cineplex Cinema 2. Wohoo!


Update: June 15

I and hubby watched the Man of Steel last night, we are both Superman fanatics, and waited for years for another sequel, was 2006 the last?

Well, what is my impression after watching Man of Steel? I am not astounded of the movie, it lacks something.  But Superman is still my beloved superhero, no one can change that.

Although I already know the origins of Superman, that Man of Steel rehashed, I love that the movie tackles the human side of Superman/Clark Kent.  And even I found the fighting scenes, repetitive and dragging, it has subjected me to a gigantic and deafening action sequences that I’ve ever seen, ha-ha. I didn’t even blink and suppressed my pee!

Another thing that caught my attention was the soulful eyes of Henry Cavill!  So sexy, ha-ha.

Of course we also have FREE snacks – 2 tumblers of popcorn and soft drinks, and a bag of Schick giveaway handed by NuffnangPH staff after watching the movie.

Thank you Schick and Nuffnang!