Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fish Balls

What do you do with your leftover fried fish or grilled fish? What will you do if you still have leftover fish and your kids don’t like to eat it anymore? In my kitchen, it will not go to the garbage because I hate foods that are wasted. My leftover fried fish or grilled fish will surely have a makeover.

Last week, when I wasn’t able to prepare decent meals for my family because I was invalid due to my knee pain, my eldest had to do the cooking – he would open canned foods, fry fish and open canned foods and fry fish.

Fried fishes ended all in the ref!

The other day I did a makeover of those leftover.
I flake the fishes. Beat an egg and mixed with the flaked fishes.  Season it with salt and pepper. Put some flour. Form into balls. Dredge balls in the flour. Plunge it in a beaten egg. Dredge the balls in bread crumbs. And fry.

Look at my fish balls I made, I tell you its so tasty! My kids eat these with gusto.