Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sem-break: 10 days off

Since my kids got a semestral break (sem-break) at school and enjoying it, I also got a sem-break and enjoyed it too!

My sem-break was a ten days time off from waking up  before 5AM, fixing early morning breakfast, fixing baons, tutoring  my grade school kid, checking my high school kid  lessons, ensuring their needs  like school projects and other activities.

In the past 8 days I snooze longer, no school homework and projects in mind, no worries of baon to pack, nix anxieties if my kids came up late from school…awesome!

What I did in the past 8 days?

  1. Did the usual household chores – sweeping, dusting and cleaning the house, laundrying, marketing and cooking our daily meals.
  2. Changed house curtains, re-arrange furniture, sorted out and discarded clothing that are disliked, sorted out and discarded kitchen wares and other stuff that are tattered. 
  3. Surfed for new recipes that I think my family will like and updated my menu.
  4. Did manicure-pedicure in a neighborhood beauty parlor.
  5. Watched Skyfall and dine out with my hubby.
  6. Did malling with my kids – shop for their stuffs and purchase grocery needs.
  7. And surprisingly wrote 3 consecutive posts for my blog, a feat hahaha!
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