Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pia Toscano’s Elimination a Shocker

When Ryan Seacrest broke the news who was eliminated last night’s American Idol episode, I was so shocked, why Pia? 
What’s happening? Why did they send home the front runner of the 10th season?
Pia Toscano is one of my favorites for this Season 10 of American Idol.  She charmed me because she is a comely singer, she made powerful performances, she has that camera-ready looks and a diva in the making. 
On the other hand, after Pia’s performance the other night, there was roar around the web about her robotic movements and unattractive outfit.
Anyways, I even admired her more…when Ryan Seacrest announced that she was the one eliminated, she just smiled politely and took the elimination result like a pro.
To me, Pia doesn’t deserve to be eliminated. 
Not just yet.