Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Digital Voice Recorder

High Quality Voice Recording
If you are looking for a high quality digital voice recorder, I recommend  the Digital Voice Recorder 510 Plus.
Digital Voice Recorder is manufactured by Record Your Life (RYL) Inc.
Professional manufacturer of security products.

Why I recommend this gadget? Because I was so amazed of the Digital Voice Recorder 510 Plus qualities:
  1. Automatic Telephone Recording ON/OFF via Telephone Adaptor 
  2. Secret Recording with No LCD Display and Vibration on Recording On & Off
  3. Large LCD size and good visibility
  4. Recovery of Erased files by mistake
  5. File Management by recording date and time
  6. Hearing Aid Function
  7. Recording Compatible with every telephone & cell phone
It has this amazing feature, the VOR Recording a setting that allows your recorder to stop recording and go into “standby” mode when the recorder does not detect any sound.

If you buy Digital Voice Recorder 510 Plus you will also get these following accessories.
  1.    Earphone
  2.    Battery Pack
  3.    Manual
  4.    USB Cable
  5.    Metal Clip
Visit the Record Your Life website to purchase this terrific gadget.