Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Join PostNJoy to Monetize my Blog

PostNjoy, monetize your blog
I envy those bloggers that posted their payment proofs from their writing reviews/assignments. I envy those bloggers because their blogs are approved and/ or got their writing assignments.

Why I envy those bloggers? I envy them because so far I got negative experiences in applying for paid review sites. I tried to apply for 2 or 3 paid review sites but I was turned down because of several reasons like the issue of traffic and blog speed. There is one site that approved my application but I got no writing assignment until now. I really want to earn money from my blog. I know that writing reviews make money.

But today as I do my Adgitize routine, I read a post from LegitBucks articulating this PostNJoy site. I was so interested that I immediately signed in. No requirements needed. No sweat! I’m in. And now I am writing my first paid article.
Like the other review sites PostNJoy is a platform that connects advertisers with bloggers who have own blog or social media. PostNJoy will help bloggers like me to make money from blog simply by reviewing and promoting other products.

What I really like about PostNJoy are the following:
  1. Easy and fast sign-up process.
  2. Available writing assignment after the sign-up.
  3. PostNJoy promises a great connection of advertisers that are interested in sponsoring blogs. To me, it only means a great deal of writing assignments and ultimately to make money.
I really anticipate earning money at PostNJoy.