Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pink Magaline Christmas Giveaway

Pink Magaline is hosting a Contest for her readers and Facebook subscribers.
Here is the mechanics for bloggers: 

  1. Follow Pink MagaLine + comment on why you should win this giveaway (1 point) 
  2. Blog about this giveaway, adding the Pink MagaLine link to your post (plus 1 point). 
  3. Display the giveaway button to your sidebar (plus 1 point) 
  4. Add Pink MagaLine to you blog list or link list (plus 1 point)
And the mechanics for Facebook Subscribers: 
  1. Like the Pink MagaLine page. 
  2. Share the Pink MagaLine giveaway link. 
  3. Tag Pink MagaLine together with your shared link.
Look at the prize, loads of giveaways!
  1. black Forever 21 tank top 
  2. white Gooey shorts 
  3. Bobbie red nail polish 
  4. Bobbie blue nail polish 
  5. Bobbie green nail polish 
  6. purple vanity kit 
  7. Finess Oil Control Sheet 
  8. Sofeel facial tissue (3 travel packs) 
  9. Nivea Passion Fruit & Milk Proteins soap 
  10. Nivea Strawberry & Milk soap

Plus, two items from Pink Megaline's closet that she never used an etnic bracelet and a Forever 21 leaf earrings.

Wow, amazing giveaway! Hope I win.
Official Contest Page: Pink Magaline Christmas Giveaway